The Oil

The Oil


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The Oil Ingredients: Oats, ubtan, Licorice, berberis aristata, eclipta alba, tinosporia cordifolia, phyllanthus embilica, indigofera tinctoria, cardiospermum helicabum, arbus precatorius, holostemma annulae, aervalanata, bacopa monnieri, animal milk, ocimum sanctum, biophytum sensitivum, leucas aspara, hibiscus rose sinesis, centella asciatica, aloevera, vitamin E, licorice oil, coconut oil, eclipta alba oil, phyllanthus embilika oil, seasome oil, phyllanthus embilica oil, seasome oil, ocimum sanctum oil, biophytum sensitivum oil, leucas aspara oil, hibiscus rosa sinesis oil, centella asciatica oil.

Dr.Aanal’s “The Oil” is an all-in-one solution for various hair problems. It removes dandruff and controls hair fall.Regular use of “The Oil” increases hair volume and also give it a smooth and shiny look. It nurtures the scalp and it strengthens the hair follicles.
“The Oil” contains age old tried and tested herbs and for all hair problems.
Indi cations:
*Hair Fall
*Split End
*Premature graying & falling of Hair
*Alopecia Areata

Weight100 g